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The SMART-DEVICE DOCTOR was initially created to address the repair needs of Smartphone owners who wanted professional prompt courteous service from a group of professionals who had the expertise to do what they said when they said it. Smartphones have become the all-in-one personal and business necessity; it is difficult to navigate through your day or week without yours.  With features such as, internet browsing, text messaging, Wi-Fi access, and of course the all important phone call these gadgets have revolutionized the way you communicate with the rest of the world.  Over time they have become smaller and more reliable, making it possible for you to take them everywhere.  Let’s face it: You need your Smartphone’s, iPod or iPad to stay in touch with family, friends and to just have fun.  Being without your ability to communicate is just not an option.

Obviously, after a period of constant use, your device will require some type of procedure.  Whether it is a cracked screen, a dead battery, or the kiss of death, water damage, The SMART DEVICE DOCTOR is here to help.  Repairs not covered by the manufacturer’s limited warranty can be costly.  Even if you have insurance on your Smartphone, or other device, the deductible can be more than a simple repair from SMART DEVICE DOCTOR and a lot more of a hassle!

The SMART DEVICE DOCTOR is the solution to your problems.  We take pride in our work and treat your device as if it were our very own.  Our technicians have completed cell phone repair training and are certified to perform repairs.  We use OEM replacement parts and all repairs come with a 90-day warranty on parts and lifetime on labor, excluding water damage, and most jobs are completed while you wait at a place convenient   to you.  So if you have damaged you’re Smartphone, iPod or iPad don't despair, contact Smart Device Doctors for your repair.
Come to an industry leader with more than twenty-two years in the cellular and information technology business, which offers a lifetime labor warranty. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is our number-one priority.

There are essentially four types of service on a cellphone or a smartphone; They are:

  • Level 1 - Simple
    Description: Simple tasks include missing screws, a bad antenna, and missing covers for battery doors, ear jacks, or memory cards.
  • Level 2 - Moderate
    Description: Moderate tasks include bad speakers, low signal, bad sound, bad ringer, if the handset heats up.
  • Level 3 - Complex
    Description: Complex tasks include if the phone can't power up, LCD repair, if the handset drops calls, or freezes, or if there is water damage.
  • Level 4 - Extremely Difficult - Only done by Master Technicians
    Description: Extremely difficult - includes any repair that requires the use of heat, or solder on the boards of the phones. Phone - Doctor Technician's are all either certified Master Technicians, or are supervised by Master Technicians

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We fix it or it's free! We specialize in smartphones of every make and model, Ipads, Ipods & tablets. So trust your device to the smartphone repair professionals. We have diagnosed and repaired just about every kind of damage possible to a smartphone, so whether you have ran it over with a car or dropped it in a toilet, let Smart Device Doctors repair your device. Remember We fix it or it's free!
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